Wednesday, 2 November 2011

A night on the town

Well after much debate on what I would wear on my night out, I have found what I would consider to be great finds.

It was tough searching for things on the internet as there is no way to try them on and see if they fit. I am amazed that some online sites do not even offer sizing charts which is terrible considering we have no standard system of sizing.  Don't get me started on the sizing debate, I have a feeling things woill never change!

So I have found this great dress by Bec and Bridge, I love the colours and its perfect for my body shape. I have great legs so I do like to show them off. Its very spring to me and as I was given some excellent measurements of the dress I know ti should fit perfectly. Check out the Bec and Bridge website its

And with the dress all done I went in search for the perfect shoes, hopefully to compliment the colours in the dress.

I came across these hot little things when I went to my favourite online shoe shop Peep Toe Shoes.

I have made many a purchase from them, but be warned their sizes are smaller than normal so for me I'm normally a size 6 but with Peep Toe I buy a 6.5. Their return policy is excellent and I have never had an issue with any of the workmanship on their items.

The shoes have arrived and I must say they are so awesome, although I have vowed not to put them on till my Mum's 50th!

Ok so now I need some accessories to complete my outfit, and since I love all things Mimco I found myself on their website, which is

Since my body type is an inverted triangle, my best necklace length is long, so I have chosen the enchanted range from Mimco, the bracelet is from the same range:

Now all that is left to complete my new look is the perfect little clutch. Ive wandered to and low and behold they have a 30% off sale for 1 week, so taking advantage of that I have found this cute coral evening bag to go with my shoes.

And with that my online shopping experience is complete. I am really happy with my purchases, my dress has yet to arrive but I have everything else and I am really looking forward to putting my outfit together and having a great time at my Mum's 50th.

Stay tuned for the next instalment....

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